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The History

Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization (NIAM) of National Ministry of Agriculture,established in October 1957,is a public national research institute in agricultural engineering. NIAM has a staff of 255 with 21 researchers and 59 associate researchers in eleven key disciplines, i.e. machinery for tillage and soil preparation, machinery for planting and sowing, machinery for underground fruit harvesting, machinery for crop grain harvesting, machinery for crop stalk harvesting, machinery for fruit, vegetable and tea harvesting, equipment for crop protection, agricultural mechanization and system assessment, equipment for agro-product classification and storage, technology and equipment for agro-product processing, and equipment for biomass conversion and utilization.

NIAM comprises two grounds, one for research and another for field test. The research site, at Liuying No.100, sits on the south foot of Purple Mountain within Nanjing eastern scenic area, covering 12 hectares with 800,000 m2 facilities...Read more

The Present

NIAM boasts a systematic agricultural platform consisting laboratories, engineering centers, and a field-test base.

In the aspect of laboratories, NIAM has a Key Lab of National Ministry of Agriculture in Modern Agricultural Equipment, which supervises 6 other specialty key laboratories and 5 agricultural observation and test stations in the same group of disciplines throughout the country, focusing on the key technologies of common interest to agricultural equipment, e.g. the technology and equipment of common interest to seed processing, seeding and planting, field management, and harvesting, the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resource, as well as precision agricultural technology and intelligent equipment...Read more

Envision to Future

NIAM aims to be the leading research institute in the world focusing on the agricultural mechanization in fundamentals, applications, and major applications in 5 to 10 years, taking up the following challenges:

1. To meet the demand of national strategy

NIAM will continue to endeavor for the cause of agricultural mechanization, pushing forward research in the fundamentals, applications, and major applications, solving the problems of common, prospective, or key interests in science and technology, improving research in public policy of agricultural mechanization, and contributing to the preparation of national policies and strategic plans for the development of agricultural mechanization.

2. To support the technology development of the mechanization industry

NIAM will keep on providing extensive consultancy services covering the strategic planning of the development of agricultural technology and equipment. NIAM will also participate actively...Read more

International Cooperation

In latest years, NIAM insists on the guide-line, ‘comprehensive understanding the international development of agricultural machinery, actively carrying out all kinds of academic exchange and promoting cooperation in depth through science projects’, to carry on wide international exchange and cooperation by establishing the cooperation relationship with US, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Congo and Ethiopia, etc.

In cooperation with the European and American countries, NIAM took part in the establishment of ‘Precision Pesticide Air Application Branch of International Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering’...Read more

Research Progress


Wheat Planter

Modern Agricultural Equipment Engineering Technology Centre (MAEETC)

Wheat Planter

Agricultural Resources Development and Facilities Agriculture Engineering Technology Centre (ARDFAETC)

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Agricultural Processing Engineering Technology Centre (APETC)

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Crop Protection and Environment Engineering Technology Centre (CPEET)

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Special Economic Crops Equipment Engineering Technology Centre (SECEET)

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Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Centre (AMDRC)

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Agricultural Machinery Quality Control and Inspection Technology Centre (AMQCIT)

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Agricultural Engineering Planning and Designing Centre (Nanjing Design Academy of Ministry of Agriculture)